Supporting Family Involvement and Communication with Technology

There are countless ways to improve our relationships with families and countless ways technology can help.

•Build better newsletters with tech tools

•online newsletters:

Nelson's News
Hickory News
or on paper w/photo enhancements:

•Build a class website:

Kathy Cassidy's Grades 1 and 2 Blog
Ms. Jensen's Kindergarten
Mrs. Eckley's 4th

•Use videos and audio, online or otherwise. These can be great at family conferences.

Class activites and presentations can be shared, and work samples captured
Recorded reading samples can be made available- Raz-Kids, Garageband, video
Recorded and, perhaps, packaged: Fiction Focus for example


Set up in the hall or at events, to showcase what happens in your classes.

•Promote access to online resources for learning: ICSD subscription tools or Grade Level Resources

•Links to Resources Supporting Families and Children

These resources can help us become more familiar with who we teach and how to support them.

Workshops to support some of the above:
10/30/2008 ICSDTI09 Wikis: Easy Authoring and Co-Authoring on the Web 9:00-3:00
11/18/2008 ICSDTI09 Digital Storytelling 9:00-3:00
11/3/2008 ICSDTI09 Family Conferences with Video and Photos Embedded 2:45-5:00----> Not yet in MLP, Want to do it?