From Images to words –

“There is a natural progression in the way we process information: first the image, then the words. We run into trouble in schools when we try to reverse that order, when teachers use words and assume every student sees the same image.

For example, what if I, as the teacher, say the word “tree”? If you live in Olean, New York, you’d probably see a sugar maple tree. From West Palm Beach, Florida? A row of palm trees. Or, if you grew up in Tacoma, Washington, the way I did, you might see a cedar, fir or some other evergreen tree. Is one of those trees any more “correct” than the other?

Use images to bring forth words, to clarify the words, or to illustrate the words.

Photo Sources and Resources:

Flicker Storm A great site for finding photos to use and share safely with students
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The Strength of Weak Ties: Flickr Storm Tutorials

CopyrightFriendlyImages (Most of the images in these collections are in the public domain. .... (Site states "For personal purposes, you may use the images found on GOgraph’s ...


Towards a Framework For Visual Literacy Learning by David Jakes

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