for 08-09 Literacy Academy. Good Stuff!

1. Online Presentation:

  • The New Literacies of Online Reading Comprehension: Preparing ALL Students for Their Reading Future
    Leu, D. J. - Keynote delivered to Pearson Education’s Instructional Leadership Council. Rancho Bernardo Inn. San Diego, CA.
    • To view the PowerPoint presentation, click here (large file)

2. Article:

Reading Comprehension on the Internet: Expanding Our Understanding of Reading Comprehension to Encompass New Literacies

3. Blogs for recording and sharing our thinking:

4. Center Activities:

a- Raz-Kids and Reading A-Z
b- Kidspiration
c- Internet Scavenger Hunts
Web Links for Literacy and Grade level class sites

Other resources:

The skills required for the digital age give new relevance to the list of skills that we learned back in the old days.
  • Video:

Thinking about incorporating technology into your classroom? « Literacy is Priceless: A Blog for Reading Teachers

Running Head: Exploring online reading comprehension, Coiro and Dobbler