Sometimes, when viewing a computer screen, you want to zoom in. here is how:

Making the screen image appear larger on an OS X Macintosh

If you have difficulty seeing or reading objects on your screen, you can make items on your screen appear larger by setting zoom options in the Universal Access pane of System Preferences.

To turn on zoom and set zoom options:

1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences and click Universal Access. Then click Seeing.

2. Select the On button under Zoom.

You may wish to choose "options" and then check "Only when pointer reaches an edge."

3. When zoom is turned on, you use keyboard shortcuts to enlarge and reduce the screen image.

4. Command-Option-equal (=) makes the screen image appear larger (zooms in).

5. Command-Option-hyphen (-) makes the screen image appear smaller (zooms out).

Making the screen image appear larger in Windows XP

1. On the Start menu: Point to All Programs.

2. Point to Accessories.

3. Point to Accessibility.

4. Select Magnifier.

5. In the Magnifier Settings dialog box, under Magnification level:

6. Adjust the level of magnification by typing a number from 1 to 9, or by selecting the arrow button to open the list of options.