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Writing Assists

Operating System adaptations for accessibility

Other Software

  • Use Kidspiration/Inspiration for mouse control and for writing process
  • Use KidPix for mouse control and for art alternative tool, alternative product in multiple settings
  • Use a word processor:
Assistive Technology and Writing
The field of special education technology has long recognized the area of writing as one in which technology holds considerable promise for individuals with disabilities. This long-standing interest can be characterized as having three focal points: (a) alternatives for students who's access to the development of written expression skills is impaired by handwriting difficulties, (b) interventions for engaging reluctant writers (i.e., I don't want to... I can't...), and (c) specific strategies that enhance written expression performance (i.e., planning, drafting, spelling, peer editing). http://jset.unlv.edu/18.2/asseds/edyburn.html

  • Use Audio Notes in Microsoft Word to save effort

Other resources:

Disclaimer: I am not specifically trained in this area; my suggestions come from my years in the classroom and knowledge of technology. I am totally open to any ideas and resources you can suggest.