Links from ICSD Social Workers These are from a local treasure, our Social Workers.
ICSD Equity Links Compiled by Barry Derfel, these will help you become more aware of identity issues in our communities and relationships.
The National PTA web site offers a wealth of information including legislative updates and ways for parents to get involved.
The Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative offers a broad array of content and information technology services to the early childhood community.
The US Department of Education site has many informative articles for parents on ways to help children in school.
A Parents Guide to the Internet is a very useful tool for parents concerned about their child's time on computers.
National Research & Development Centers addresses nationally significant problems and issues in education, such as early childhood development, student achievement, second language learning and much more. Contains catalog of publications and services.
Parent Education Resources contains lots of information on preparing your child for kindergarten.
The Center for New Discoveries in Learning gives you and your child the most advanced strategies available to be successful in school.
Discovery Channel School offers activities for parents to do with their children, help with science fair projects, information on TV viewing and lots more.
The Early Childhood Educators' and Family Web Corner is the index to all things early childhood.
The Family Education Network offers tips on everything from after school child care to the family finances.
The Children's Environmental Health Network offers information on the issue of children's health and links to resources and information in the field.
Children NOW's web site offers articles and publications about working families, children and the media, etc.
The National Clearinghouse on Families & Youth offers research and suggestions to help children achieve their full potential.
Sites concerned with Coping With Crisis and Violence
Please suggest additional links.