Ideas for Supporting Special Education Students.

Technology offers some new pathways to reach and teach our students.
Using new tools involves a change in practice, perhaps yours, and perhaps that of colleagues.
Be aggressive while respecting your collegial relationships.
Much is to be gained in the areas of student engagement and in leveraging learning via effective pedagogies.
Special opportunities exist for addressing multiple intelligences and varied learning styles with technology.

Operating System adaptations for accessibility

Support for writing

The field of special education technology has long recognized the area of writing as one in which technology holds considerable promise for individuals with disabilities. This long-standing interest can be characterized as having three focal points:
(a) alternatives for students who's access to the development of written expression skills is impaired by handwriting difficulties,
(b) interventions for engaging reluctant writers (i.e., I don't want to... I can't...), and
(c) specific strategies that enhance written expression performance (i.e., planning, drafting, spelling, peer editing).
An excellent piece on reasons to use technology in teaching writing can be found at:
Learning Point Associates. "What Works—Enhancing the Process of Writing Through Technology: Integrating Research and Best Practice."

Support for Reading

Technology and Teaching Children to Read

Keyboarding: Some resources:

Writing/Reading Assists

Kurzweil Educational Systems is the leading developer of reading technology for people with learning difficulties (Kurzweil 3000) and those who are blind or ...

Support for visual learning:

Support for auditory learning

Often your students are behind their peers in reading. In any content area: if the goal is other than reading, take the reading and make it accessible.
Additionally, auditory memory practice might be addressed with software.


Responsiveness to Intervention (RTI)

Collected sites:

ICSD Special Education Website

Disclaimer: I am not specifically trained in this area; my suggestions come from my years in the classroom and knowledge of technology. I am totally open to any ideas and resources you can suggest.